Posted by: siliaji | July 29, 2009


Rita Amelia – Aku  DOWNLOAD
Andi Meriem Matalatta – Usah Sembunyi  DOWNLOAD
Cici Sumiati – Gejolak Cinta  DOWNLOAD
Cici Sumiati – Kita Berdua  DOWNLOAD
Ferdi Ferdian – Terbukalah  DOWNLOAD
No Koes – Bertamasya  DOWNLOAD
No Koes – Dalam Bercinta  DOWNLOAD
No Koes – Bedekan  DOWNLOAD
No Koes – Kulo Niki Sinten  DOWNLOAD
Jai Ho – Slumdogmillionaire  DOWNLOAD
Eric Clapton – Tears In heaven  DOWNLOAD
Rod Stewart – Have I Told You Lately  DOWNLOAD
Phil Collins – Againts All Odds  DOWNLOAD
R. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly  DOWNLOAD
Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting  DOWNLOAD
My Heart Will Go On  DOWNLOAD
Sunda Klasik – Colenak  DOWNLOAD
Sunda Klasik – Kabaya Bandung DOWNLOAD
Sunda Klasik – Mojang Desa  DOWNLOAD


  1. kang Ajie, nyungkeun lagu Keadilan Tuhan, No Koes pop melayu vol-1
    hatur nuhun sateuacannana …

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